A Player Wins $25,000 a Year for Life Playing Lucky For Life


The Lucky for Life lottery officials are currently looking for the winner of the recent Lucky for Life game. For now, the player is off the radar and he is yet to emerge or make any contact so the officials can go through the necessary details for the prize claim.

The Lucky for Life in the United States is one of the most prominent lottery games, which offers a rather unique play to lottery players. Although it belongs to the lottery draw category, it lets people claim their money over the course of time.

If a player manages to win prize money playing the Lucky for Life game, they have the opportunity to receive their prize money on an annual basis. The players also have the opportunity of taking the prize money home in a one-time lump sum amount.

The officials have confirmed that the draw for the particular Lucky for Life game had taken place on Thursday, August 18, 2021. From the draw, the numbers drawn for the second top prize-winning ticket were 48-38-16-12-11. Surprisingly, one ticket matched all 5 numbers winning the second top prize money.

Primarily, the prize money that the player has won is $25,000 per year for life. Although the lottery officials are still in search of the prize winner, they have information that the lucky player is somewhere in Michigan.

The lottery officials are glad that they have so many players winning top prizes for the Cash for Life game from Michigan State. The recent Cash 4 Life top prize has produced 8th top prize winner for the particular game in the Michigan State.

Traditionally, the Lucky for Life game wants to give players $25,000 per year for 20-years, but the players have access to yet another option. The players can go ahead and claim their prize money in the form of a one-time lump sum amount, which in this case would be $390,000.

Following the draw, the winner has a time period of a year to show up and claim his prize money. This is to be considered once in a lifetime opportunity so the player must not miss it and claim his prize before the claim deadline passes.

Just like other lottery draw games, the Lucky for Life draw game also comes very cheaply for the players. If a customer wishes to buy the cheapest ticket for the Lucky for Life game, meaning for a single draw and a single line, it would cost them $2.

The Lucky for Life game is very unique even with the prizes it gives out. The prizes it gives away range from a $3 prize and going all the way up to $1,000 per day for 20 years.

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