A St. Lucie County Man Receives A Million Dollar Birthday Gift from Florida Lottery


One of the largest lottery from the US is back with a thrilling announcement of a lucky man who has won a huge prize from the Florida Lottery. The lottery officials have revealed the winner of the prize is from Fort Pierce and his name is Gaston Sanchez-Cruz.

Apart from winning, the lottery officials also have a very exciting story to tell about the winner and how he ended up winning the prize.

The FL Lottery has confirmed that the player had decided to play one of the top lottery games powered by the lottery. The player had opted for the scratch-off game powered by the FL Lottery and its name is “$5 Monopoly Bonus Spectacular”. The officials have stated that the player has won a whopping prize of $1 million from the particular game.

After the successful win, the player had secured his prize-winning ticket at a dropbox that was located at Orlando District Office.

Similar to the rest of the prize winners, Sanchez-Cruz was also given the option of either going for the annuity or a one-time lump sum. The lottery officials have confirmed that the player decided to go for the $815,000, which is the one-time lump sum amount after state tax and federal tax deductions.

The officials also provided the details around the name of the store and its location. The name of the store that sold the $5 Monopoly Bonus Spectacular scratch-off ticket is La Central. The store is located at 1726 Okeechobee Road (Fort Pierce).

The officials have confirmed that the store will be receiving a bonus commission of $2,000 for selling the lucky scratch-off ticket.

The lottery operator also had the opportunity to talk to the winner of the million-dollar prize from the $5 Monopoly Bonus Spectacular. The player informed the officials that he is very excited and thrilled after learning about his win.

Sanchez-Cruz informed the officials that as his birthday approached, he wanted to do something special for himself. Therefore, he decided to buy himself a scratch-off ticket and see if his birthday turns out to be the luckiest day for him or not.

To his surprise, his birthday did turn lucky for him and when he scratched off the ticket, he saw that he had won $1 million from the ticket.

The player informed that he is going to take a few days off from work to go on a trip and spend some quality time with his family. He will also buy himself a house and a new car that is going to be a luxury one. The player said that he will not be making a foolish attempt of leaving his job just because he has won a huge prize.

The prize money is something extra for him that he can use to have a luxurious and comfortable life while he takes care of his family.

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