Carl Cumberland from Bothell wins $370,000 Playing Hit5


The Hit5 lottery officials are here with a huge announcement about Carl Cumberland from Bothell. The officials are talking about a player who is lucky enough to have a win prize money worth $370,000 playing the game.

The highlight of the announcement is the winning story of the player and he how has managed to win the prize money for the game. Carl purchased his lucky ticket for the Hit5 game for the draw that was held back on Sunday, October 24, 2021.

From the draw, Carl was able to match all the numbers (35-30-10-23-09) in order to win the prize money worth $370,000. Carl was the only player in the entire draw to have matched all five numbers in order to win the prize money.

Carl Cumberland had purchased his ticket from Fred Meyer #457. The particular Fred Meyer store is located at 21045 Bothell Everett Highway, Bothell.

Carl told the lottery officials that he had purchased the ticket from the store he visits on a regular basis. He has been visiting the same store for several years and he was confident that he was going to win something if he kept purchasing tickets from the same store.

Carl revealed that it would sound like a made-up story but he saw himself winning huge prize money after purchasing the ticket from the store. However, he had dreamed about it several years back. At that time, he didn’t even purchase his tickets from the particular store.

He only passed by the particular store whenever he got back home from work on a daily basis. Once he saw himself purchasing a lottery ticket for the Hit5 game from the same store and winning a prize, he went for the store.

Since then, he has spent a lot of money purchasing tickets for the Hit5 game to try and see if his dream really does come true.

Carl stated that despite not winning a single prize from the gaming, he continued playing. He was confident that one day, he would be able to achieve his dream and win huge prize money.

Carl stated that he has won the prize at the perfect time because he needed the money really badly. He stated that he had his daughter’s marriage coming up in the year 2022. However, he wasn’t sure how he was going to do it given the fact that he only had a few thousand dollars to support her.

Now, he will be able to do what he had been aiming to do. Carl revealed that his daughter is also going to get a huge gift from him for her wedding.

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