Celebration in Disney World with friends is what this new millionaire will do

Work at Timberlea Gas Station finished for Jamie MacKenzie last week and next month she plans to take her two best friends on a trip to Disney World.

20 year old Jamie is very excited about her win on September 19th in Lotto 6-49 of $1 million.

Her last working day was on Monday; she will now begin travelling and doing other stuff.

She was presented with her mammoth cheque of $1 million on Thursday at a Halifax Mooseheads hockey game in Scotiabank Centre by Atlantic Lottery officials.

Jamie is an avid fan of hockey that watches the Moosehead frequently and opted to receive her cheque at a home game when it was recommended by lottery officials. She wore a Brad Marchand Boston Bruins hockey shirt to the game and reported that it was a done deal, she was all over it.

The winning ticket was purchased in Timberlea at a convenience store; she realized she had won when she began the early morning shift at the gas station.

Upon checking her ticket the report said ‘major winner’, she then went for the winning numbers report and her numbers matched. She left the counter, ran home and told her mom whom she lives with.

She will clear her student union debt; take Mary and Ryley, her best friends since elementary school to Disney but has no other immediate plans.

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