Couple in Shock over £1 Million EuroMillions Win


A lottery punter who won a £1 million prize in the EuroMillions lottery said that the win reminded him of his parents as if they were looking out for him. 37-year-old Calum Farrington had lost both his parents 18 years earlier and he could not make himself go to their graves. However, he had recently made the trip and believes that his luck turned around after that.

He had gotten a new job and had enjoyed the first year of being a married man. Now, he has also won the lottery and become a millionaire, which just tops it. 

Plans For The Prize

The lucky winner revealed that he and his wife Kayleigh are going to use the prize money to travel to Rome for celebrating their anniversary in September. He disclosed that they had last visited the city together before becoming parents. He also said that he would get driving lessons and a car and would also buy his 35-year old wife one too. 

Hailing from Grimsby, the couple said that they were going to take their three kids to Disneyland as a surprise. The winner said they had been struggling to get some property previously, so they would also put some of the prize money to buy a new house for the family. 

Reaction To The Win

The couple had been shocked to discover that their EuroMillions lottery ticket, which they had bought for the draw last Friday i.e. June 17th, had made them millionaires overnight. They participated in the draw via the National Lottery App. Calum disclosed that he was at work and had decided to play as a one-off. 

He stated that he forgot about it and remembered the next morning when he was having cereal for breakfast. That is when he decided to take a look at his online account. He said that he was shocked at finding that he had won the EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker. He said that he and his wife ‘freaked out’ and had to step outside for getting some air. 

Calum said that he had been in shock when he went to work and shared the news with his boss. His superior realized that he was not likely to be able to work, so he sent Calum home to get things settled and wrap his head around it. 

Mr. Forrington disclosed that the weekend had gone by in a daze for them and then they had begun making plans about how to spend the prize. A car finance worker, he said that he had also been saving for a holiday for the family next year, but they can do it now and was excited to share the news with his kids. 

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