Daniel Bellefeuille from Spooner Wins $1,000,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball team is back for another major announcement and this time, the announcement is very promising for the people of Spooner. The lottery officials have revealed that the winner they are honoring is from Spooner.

The player is among the latest winners of the million-dollar prizes playing the US Powerball game. The team has also revealed that the name of the winner is Daniel Bellefeuille who is a regular when it comes to playing lottery games.

Daniel not only tries his luck with the US Powerball but he has also done the same for other lottery games. However, it was the US Powerball lottery that granted him his wish of winning huge prize money from a lottery game.

Although Daniel has been inducted as one of the latest million-dollar prize winners, his win is from a draw that took place in 2021. The player had participated in the January 17 draw for the US Powerball that worked out in his favor, winning him $1,000,000.

Daniel participated in the draw with a single ticket going for the manual pick and ended up winning a huge prize. The winning numbers for the January 17, 2022 draw were 65-46-35-24-9 and the red Powerball number for the draw was 22.

Daniel’s manual pick finally worked in his favor as he was fortunate enough to have matched five primary numbers except for the red Powerball number.

From the draw, Daniel won prize money that was worth $1,000,000. The Power Play multiplier for the January 17, drawing was 2X, so any player with the Power Play option added would get to double their prize money.

However, Daniel had not added the Power Play option to the ticket. Therefore, he did not get the opportunity to double his prize money. Otherwise, Daniel would have managed to take away $2,000,000 from the January 17, draw.

Daniel revealed to the lottery officials that he has been playing different lottery games. The top games on his list had been the US Powerball, Cash4Life, and Mega Millions.

According to Daniel, he had spent a lot of money purchasing tickets for all the games. He purchased tickets for each game on a weekly basis and never bought more than one ticket per game.

Among the rest of the games, Daniel had been playing the US Powerball game for the longest amount of time. Finally, his dedication paid off and he was able to share his remarkable winning story with the entire lottery community.

Daniel had purchased his million-dollar prize-winning ticket from Spooner Marathon. The particular store is located at 730 South River Street.

Daniel revealed that the first thing he is going to do with the money he has won is to pay off his bills. Then, he is going to start a small catering business and see how things work out for him.

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