David Whittaker from Twin Falls County Wins $2,000,000 Playing Mega Millions

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The Mega Millions of officials are glad to talk about David Whittaker who has emerged as one of the luckiest participants in the Mega Millions draw. The officials have revealed that David Whittaker is the highest prize winner for the particular Mega Millions draw.

The officials are extremely excited to reveal that David Whittaker has won prize money worth $2,000,000 playing the Mega Millions game. David had reportedly participated in the January 11, 2022 draw for the Mega Millions draw.

For the particular draw, millions of participants had the opportunity of winning a multi-million dollar prize money. However, no one was able to win the jackpot prize money for the particular draw. Still, David managed to win prize money worth $2,000,000 playing Mega Millions.

The jackpot prize winning numbers for the particular draw was 58-52-19-3-2 and the Megaball number for the same draw was 16. From the draw, David ended up matching five primary numbers that ended up winning him prize money worth $2,000,000.

According to the prize structure for Mega Millions, the basic prize money for matching five primary numbers is worth $1,000,000.

However, the Megaplier number for the particular draw was 2X. David’s decision of going with the Megaplier option on the ticket ended up doubling his prize money to $2,000,000.

David revealed to the lottery officials that he had gone with the “Quick Pick” option for the particular draw. However, he has always gone with “Manual Pick” when purchasing tickets for the Mega Millions game.

According to David, he had always gone for the manual picks aiming to win big. This was the first time he had decided not to go with the manual numbers. Instead, he went for the auto-pick and ended up winning $2,000,000.

David revealed that in the past, he had only won a prize worth a few thousand dollars going with manual picks. However, the only time he went for the auto-pick, landed him prize money worth $2,000,000.

David revealed that he is going to invest half the money into real estate. He always wanted to invest money in real estate and double the money he has won from the Mega Millions draw.

The player revealed that he is also going to take his wife on a world tour and have the best time of his life. David, who is now 55, is planning to take early retirement and start a new business.

According to David, he always wanted to start a business but never had the capital to make it happen. Now that he has the right amount of money, he is going to make useful investments and make more money.

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