EuroMillions Adds Fourth Superdraw in the Same Calendar Year and Sets a New Record


The European lottery could not get any better as now the lottery players from the United Kingdom and Europe need to buckle up. There are now more chances of the UK/EU citizens winning more lottery jackpots that they could win in the past.

This surprising news has been broken by the EuroMillions Lottery for the UK/EU lottery players. EuroMillions announced that their next Superdraw will be taking place next month. The Superdraw will be held on Friday the 20th of November. The jackpot prize of the Superdraw is set at a whopping £115 million.

As per the EuroMillions’ Lottery team, the upcoming Superdraw will be setting up more than one record, and here is how this will happen.

The lottery group confirmed that the upcoming Superdraw in November will be setting up a new record as it will be the fourth draw in the same calendar year. EuroMillions lottery clarified that in the year 2018 and 2019, their lottery group only held three Superdraws in the same year. Prior to these years, there used to be only one to three Superdraws held in the same year.

EuroMillions stated that their lottery group went through some extensive changes in February of the running year. As a result of the changes, the prize money of the Superdraws was updated. After the prize allocation update, on average the prize money of the jackpot reaches £90 Million at a faster rate than before.

This means that the lottery group is able to gather more funds in the Reserve Funds and hold Superdraws more frequently.

In addition to four draws in the same year, there is another record that is set to be broken by the EuroMillions lottery this year. That record is the sum of Superdraw prize in a particular year.

So far for EuroMillions, it is the year 2013 that had total Superdraw prize money of £1.161 billion. As per EuroMillions, if there is a winner in the upcoming November’s draw, the total prize amount in the current year would reach £1.146.

Therefore, if EuroMillions decides to hold another Superdraw in December 2020 and someone ends up winning it, it will set another record for the EuroMillions lottery.

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