Frederick Seibert from Slinger Wins $10,000 Playing Mega Millions


The Mega Millions lottery officials are here with an exciting announcement about a winner of one of the latest games. The officials have revealed that the winner is a resident of Slinger.

The player has successfully won a prize money worth $10,000 playing the Mega Millions game. The name of the winner is Frederick Seibert who is now among the luckiest Mega Millions lottery game players.

He has won the tier-3 prize money for the Mega Millions game and has marked his name as the winner of a Mega Millions game. This one was of several attempts Frederick Seibert had made in order to win a prize money.

Unfortunately, all previous attempts he made were without any wins for him. However, the recent attempt he made proved fortunate for him and he ended up winning $10,000 playing the game.

It was his recent participation in the Mega Millions lottery game whose draw was held on Friday, November 12, 2021. The lucky numbers for winning the jackpot prize from the game were 48-46-32-42-30, and the Mega Ball number was 15.

While Seibert was unable to match all five primary numbers, he still ended up matching four of them plus the Mega Ball number. This landed Seibert on the tier-3 prize money for the Mega Millions game, making him a winner of the $10,000 prize.

The player stated that it was for the very first time since he started playing Mega Millions that he did not go for the multiplier. Frederick revealed that whenever he purchases a ticket, he goes for the multiplier. This time, he did not go for the option, and surprisingly, he ended up winning $10,000. If he had added the multiplier option, he could have won $20,000 as the multiplier was 2X.

Frederick Seibert revealed that he has been playing the game since 2019. There hasn’t been a single game where he landed even a few dollar prize money. He was depressed that while his friends were winning prizes, he was the one playing it for the longest amount of time without any wins.

Finally, he has won the highest prize money among his friends playing Mega Millions and now he is going to brag about it. He had promised all his friends that he was going to get his friends out on a trip if he won over $1,000 playing the game.

Frederick stated that now it seems he has to go for it and plan a small party with his friends. Seibert had reportedly purchased his ticket from Slinger Group LLC and showed up at the Mega Millions lottery head office to claim his prize money on November 15, 2021.

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