Group of 11 Wins $100k in 6/49 Lotto after Decades


Spread across Ontario, a group of 11 family members and friends have been playing the lottery since the 90s together.

It appears that their dedication finally paid off, as the group was able to win a massive prize of $100,000 after all these years.

The win

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) disclosed that in a Lotto 6/49 draw held in November 2022, one of the players was able to match six of the seven Encore numbers.

The player successfully matched the numbers in the same order they were drawn and this allowed the group to win a prize of $100k.

The winnings were collected from the OLG Prize Centre by Dale Biehn, hailing from Stoney Creek, Ontario.

He revealed that before checking their ticket, the members of the group had talked about the possibility of finally winning something in the lottery.

Dale said that he had been shocked to see that they had landed a prize of $100,000 when he checked the ticket at the store terminal.

The people with whom he will split the prize include Gary, Donald, Bradley and Jason Biehn hailing from Brantford, Allan Gunn hailing from Grimsby, Dunville’s Jeffrey Slater, Waterford’s Andrew Smith, Robert Biehn hailing from Vanessa, Wilsonville’s Bradley Eldridge and Terrance Larose hailing from Kirkland Lake.

The reaction

According to Dale, he had not shared the news with the group immediately and had waited for a few weeks to do so at a group meeting.

He said that everyone had thought he had some bad news to share and then he had told them about the win.

Bradley Biehn disclosed that all group members had been excited about the win and they had all high-fived each other. He said that the particular group meeting had been a very exciting one.

Some of the group members intend to use their winnings to pay off their debt and others will save some of the money.

The lucky ticket had been purchased in Stoney Creek at a Petro Canada station, which was located on Green Mountain Road.

Winnipeg win

Meanwhile, the recent 6/49 Lotto draw also saw some players from Winnipeg land prizes. The winning numbers that were drawn were 1621853.

One ticketholder was able to match the last six numbers in the Extra, while there was another that had been purchased in Edmonton that landed a prize of $250,000.

The Lotto 6/49 draw was conducted on Saturday, February 18th, 2023 and a Winnipegger managed to match six out of the seven numbers to win $100,000.

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