Israel – Lotto Winner: I Was Lucky Twice on the Same Day

Lotto winner Avi Chaim
Lotto winner Avi Chaim

An Israeli citizen in southern Israel who last night, won 20 million shekels (roughly $5 million) in the lottery said that he had won twice that very day, as his favored sports team also won its championship game.

The lotto winner, who is a keen supporter of the soccer team, Hapoel Be’er Sheva had gone to bed, before the end of the championship game, hoping to get up early the next morning to go to work.

“Each morning by five, I go outside to collect the morning paper I subscribe to. I went to the mailbox, picked up the newspaper and then sat down with my coffee. I first opened the sports section and eagerly read the entire section.”

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“After which, I browsed through the rest of the newspaper until I got to the results of the lottery, where I was stunned to learn that I had guessed the six numbers and the additional number!”

The winner stated that anytime he fills a lotto ticket, he writes down lucky numbers and birthdays, and just a few weeks ago he started to order an automatic ticket. It was this automatic ticket that made him a millionaire.

When the winner showed his wife and daughter the ticket, they couldn’t just believe their eyes. They checked the ticket multiple times, after which I called my son who was at work. When he saw my call in the morning, he was scared that something bad might have happened.

“My father called me, and it wasn’t even 8 o’clock in the morning. Israelis usually think that something bad must have happened if you call that early. All of a sudden he says that we had won the lottery, and I then asked to speak with my sister,” the son said.

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When asked what he will do with the money, the father replied by saying, “We will all go to a hotel during the holidays to unwind and enjoy ourselves, but right now we don’t have a special plan for the money: It will be deposited in the bank, after which we’ll decide what to do with it.

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