Justin Adams from Allegheny County Wins $150,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball team is here with a big announcement, which is definitely going to make you excited. The US Powerball has many announcements to make in regards to lottery winners but it has decided to talk about Justin Adams.

Justin Adams is one of the latest winners of one of the US Powerball draws. Although the player hasn’t won the top prize money for the US Powerball, he has won one of the top-tiered prizes. It is the winning story of the player that the US Powerball officials are inspired by and therefore, they have decided to share it with others.

Justin Adams Wins $150,000

The US Powerball officials have revealed that Justin Adams is a resident of Allegheny County. Justin Adams participated in the Monday, March 14, draw for the US Powerball. The jackpot prize-winning numbers for the March 14 drawing were 49-44-32-28-21. The red Powerball number for the March 14 draw was 6. The Power Play multiplier for the March 14 drawing was 3X.

Justin successfully matched 4 primary numbers and the Powerball from the March 14 draw, which won him prize money worth $150,000. The initial prize money for the tier-3 win is $50,000, but the Power Play multiplier increased the prize money three times. This helped Justin Adams win prize money worth $150,000.

Justin had purchased his $150,000 prize-winning ticket for the March 14, 2022 draw online through the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Winning Story Shared by Justin Adam

Justin, now 33, has been living in Allegheny County ever since he was born.

He started playing the US Powerball game when he turned 18 and the purpose was to use it to purchase his own house. Justin told the officials that he has been living in Allegheny County but they were never able to get a house of their own.

Since childhood, he wanted to take care of his parents because they were not financially well. He had started saving up money ever since he started doing small jobs here and there and the goal was to buy a house. He stated that he always wants to keep his parents him and the money he’s won will help him achieve his ultimate goal.

Justin told the officials that he had already had enough money, which, once added with the money he has won, would help him buy a big house.

According to Justin, he is going to give a huge surprise to his parents and make sure they never have to worry about finances again. He has been working as a technician in a private company and once he has his own house, he can start his own private company.

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