Lucky Dad from Melbourne Wins $80 Million Playing Oz Powerball Lottery


The Oz Powerball Lottery is here to announce a phenomenal lottery prize win claimed by a lucky player from Melbourne. The lottery officials are really excited about how the player has won life-changing prize money, playing the Oz Powerball Lottery game.

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The recent win claimed by the Oz Powerball Lottery player is one of the most inspirational ones in the history of the Oz Powerball Lottery. According to the lottery officials, the winner had one turning point in his life after another.

The winner has informed the officials that he was really worried about his life and his family as he had recently lost his job. He was in a lot of depression due to the situation and was facing one problem after another in his life.

He had completely lost hope but luck had something else decided for him. His fate was just testing his patience and endurance before he received his lottery prize win.

The officials have reported that the lucky winner was beyond joy when he learned about his win. The player informed that he found it really difficult to breathe when he learned about the prize winner.

The lottery officials have confirmed that the winner is a dad from North Melbourne. He had recently lost his job due to the pandemic and as the lockdowns are still in place, he was unable to find any job.

The last year had already been full of struggles and hardships, so there were no savings to help them through a hard time. He did not want to sell his car because he had already sold one and did not want to be left with no personal conveyances.

However, one thing led to another and he ended up purchasing a lottery ticket for the Oz Powerball just to try his luck. The player stated that he had never purchased a lottery ticket in his life before and he would not have done it. It was for the first time in his life that he felt so helpless and did not know whom to turn to for help.

This is when he purchased a lottery ticket for the Oz Powerball, hoping something good may come out of it. Surprisingly, the player had no idea that he was purchasing himself a ticket that was going to win him the jackpot prize money of $80 million for the Oz Powerball.

Now, the Victorian is one of the wealthiest lottery players in the country and his life has taken a completely new turn. He could not believe that a day back he was planning to sell his car and now, he is planning to buy an expensive one.

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The draw for the particular game had taken place on August 12, 2021. The winning numbers from the draw were 21-23-19-26-4-10-17 and the Red Powerball number was 7. The lucky winner matched all the numbers to win the jackpot prize.

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