Lucky For Life Game Brings $1,000 a Day for Life for Colorado Winner


The Lucky for Life game is here to make an announcement in regards to one of the lucky players from Colorado. The lottery officials are here to announce that the name of the winner is Richard O. who is a resident of Colorado.

According to the lottery officials, the player has won huge prize money and his life will be changed forever. The lottery officials have revealed that the player wasted no time before showing up and claimed his prize money.

The Lucky For Life game officials has announced that it has happened for the first time that someone from Colorado has won the top prize money. According to the lottery team, it is a new milestone that the Lucky For Life game has achieved by giving prize money in Colorado.

According to the lottery team, the player has won prize money worth $1,000 a day for life playing the game. The draw for the particular game had been held on Monday, September 6, 2021. It is the largest prize money that the Lucky For Life game has to offer the players.

The Lucky For Life game has revealed when Richard O. came up to claim his prize money, he was offered two options. The first option was to claim the one-time lump sum amount and the other amount was to receive $1,000 a day for the rest of his life.

After being given the options, the player went for the first option he was given. Richard decided to go for the one-time lump sum amount that won the player prize money worth $5.75 million.

Richard confirmed that he had purchased his lucky ticket from the Green Parrot Lounge. The player has revealed that the particular store is located in Florence. The firm has revealed that Richard and his wife are the owners of the bar.

Richard O. revealed that he himself owns the Green Parrot Lounge and one night, he decided to go ahead, and see how lucky he could be. Therefore, he went for the game and ended up winning the top prize money for the game.

The draw numbers for the particular draw were 45-39-36-24-8 and the lucky number was 6. Luckily, Richard O. managed to match all the numbers on the ticket to win the prize money. The player has won the jackpot prize money for the game and he is going to open up several restaurants in Colorado.

The couple revealed that they have been married for 53 years and now they are going to let their son manage the restaurant while they go on a tour.

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