Lucky Man from Orange County wins $2,000,000 Playing Mega Millions


The Mega Millions of Lottery officials are proud to share the winning story of Paul Christensen. They are glad that Christensen successfully won and claimed prize money of $2,000,000 playing the lottery draw.

The lottery team is really excited about the way Christensen won the prize money. The winner informed the officials that he was with his wife when he came to know that he had won $2 million prize money. The player stated that he was completely speechless and did not know how to react.

The player stated that his wife kept asking him what had happened and he could not answer. Then his wife checked the ticket herself and she fell into the same condition as he was.

Christensen informed the officials that from the ticket, he had managed to match five out of the six numbers to win the $2,000,000 prize money. The player stated that the prize money could have been something extremely big if he would have managed to match all six numbers.

Initially, he was not able to believe what he was looking at. He checked the ticket several times before he was struck with reality. The moment he believed he had won $2,000,000, suddenly, everything changed for him, and felt that a huge pressure was off of his shoulders.

Christensen informed the Mega Millions of officials that he was not accustomed to playing lottery games. However, his friends’ circle was into playing lottery games and they always used to go for local games, and he never saw them winning anything.

This is the reason why he never went for the local lottery games, as he thought it would just be a wastage of money. However, one day he went to the BP-Shorts Food Mart, where he saw the promotion for the Mega Millions lottery draw.

Despite having no interest in lottery games, he ended up buying a ticket but he avoided any hassle by choosing the “Easy Pick” option. This allowed the computer to choose the numbers for the draw.

The platform confirmed that the particular store where he purchased the ticket was located at 24085 Constitution Highway, Unionville.

He revealed that the draw was in the evening so he and his wife decided to watch the draw take place live. As the draw representatives started drawing the numbers, he started matching them. One after another, the numbers continued matching but the last Mega Ball was not a match.

As the ticket matched the first five numbers, it won Christensen prize money of $1 million but soon, Christensen realized he had added the Megaplier option paying an extra dollar.

This helped double the prize money and the total price was $2 million that Christensen had won playing Mega Millions.

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