Lucky Ticketholder Claims Half of £12 Million Jackpot


One lucky ticketholder has come forward to claim half of the prize in the Lotto draw on Saturday, January 28th, 2023, worth £12 million.

The unnamed individual was able to match all six numbers in the ‘must-be-won’ Lotto draw and they are now set to receive a prize of £6,030,699.

The win

Thanks to the money, the winner will have the means of purchasing a four-bedroom townhouse in Belgravia in London, or a seven-bedroom luxury home in Berkshire.

Even after this purchase, they would still have enough money left over for going on a luxurious holiday to the Maldives each year for life.

There were two ticketholders who were able to win the jackpot on Saturday night, which means that the £12 million prize will be divided between the two winners.

The other winner has not come forward as yet to claim their prize, due to which the National Lottery is asking players to check their ticket to see if they are the winner.

The draw

The winning numbers that were drawn in the Lotto on Saturday night were 05, 08, 20, 23, 30 and 50, while 25 was the bonus number.

If the second claimant does not come forward for their prize by Friday, then the National Lottery will disclose the method used for buying the ticket, whether they bought it retail, or online.

The National Lottery’s senior winner adviser, Andy Carter said that they were delighted to see that one of the winners had come forward to claim their share of the fantastic Lotto jackpot of £12 million.

He added that a lottery win of £6 million was just the way to beat the January blues and said that they would support the winner throughout the claiming process to help them enjoy their life-changing win.

But, since the Lotto draw only happened on Saturday, there is still one ticketholder out there who might not be aware that they have become a multi-millionaire.

Therefore, they were urging the players to check their tickets to see if they were the second winner.

Other wins

This win comes as documents revealed that one of the biggest lottery winners in the UK had spent his winnings at a rate of £100,000 a week.

In 2011, Colin Weir had landed a prize of £161 million and he had already spent about £40 million of his winnings by the time he died in 2019 due to a kidney injury and sepsis.

Mr. Weir and his wife had become the biggest lottery winners from Scotland when they landed the EuroMillions prize.

The couple had gotten a divorce in 2018 and his wealth was passed down to his two kids after his death. It had become the second-biggest EuroMillions win in Europe, but was replaced when a player from Italy landed a £193 million prize.

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