Michael Gee from Maryland has won $50,000 Playing US Powerball


No matter how old or young you may be, you always have desires and wishes that you want come true. However, the majority of people are only left with regrets of not being able to fulfill those desires.

Michael Gee also had the same feeling until his luck turned for the best and he is planning to fulfill his desire to the fullest. For him, it was something that he had never imagined in a million years because he thought he didn’t have good luck.

However, luck had something else worked out for him and he ended up winning a huge prize just when he retired from his job. Michael Gee revealed that he always wanted to go on a world tour and he even tried saving up money for that.

Before he could know it, his responsibilities grew towards his family and he had to use whatever he had on his children. By the time he realized the money going away, it was too late for him and his retirement was close.

He never expected anything from his children, therefore, he never asked them to help him fulfill his desire. Instead, he decided to bury it inside of him until the US Powerball lottery came to save the day for him.

Michael Gee Participated on February 26 Draw

Michael Gee revealed that he had started playing the US Powerball lottery when he turned 60. He thought of trying his luck but only hoped to win a couple of hundred bucks from the game. However, he had not imagined that one day, he would be among the winners of the tier-3 prize money of the US Powerball.

The last ticket Michael Gee purchased was for the February 26 draw for the US Powerball. The winning numbers for the February 26 drawing were 64-36-16-48-32 and the Powerball number was 19. The Power Play multiplier for the February 26 draw was X3.

From the February 26 draw, Michael matched four primary numbers and the Powerball, winning him the $50,000 prize money. If only he had added the Power Play option to the ticket, Michael could have tripled his prize money to $150,000.

Michael confirmed he had purchased his ticket from Shady Side Market. The particular store is located at 1481 Snug Harbor, Shady Side. He revealed he had gone for the most basic options while purchasing the ticket for the US Powerball.

He went for the “Quick Pick” option as he never selected the numbers manually, and asked the cashier not to choose to Power Play option.

Michael Gee is All Set for the World Tour

Michael revealed now that he has won $50,000, there is nothing that can stop him from going on a world tour. Some of the countries on his priority vacation spots include China, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, Switzerland, and Pakistan.

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