Nancy Linn from Salisbury Wins $150,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball lottery officials are here to talk about Nancy Linn from Salisbury who has won the biggest fortune of her life so far, playing US Powerball. Nancy is now among the luckiest participants of the US Powerball from Salisbury who has won $150,000 playing the game.

Nancy stated that she now has a very memorable moment to share not only with her children but also with her grandchildren. She thanked the US Powerball lottery for giving her the opportunity to participate and be able to win such big prize money.

She revealed that she alongside her friends had been participating in the US Powerball lottery for a really long time. Now 72, Nancy revealed she had started playing US Powerball a year prior to her retirement. Since then, she has become a regular participant in the US Powerball lottery.

Nancy told the officials she had also given a shot to the Mega Millions game. However, it didn’t prove to be a good experience for her, as she won nothing out of it. However, the US Powerball has kept her tempted through several small prizes she has won over the years

Finally, Nancy’s dedication to the US Powerball game proved fruitful and she ended up winning $150,000 from the game. As per the US Powerball officials, Nancy had participated in the January 19 draw for the US Powerball game.

The winning numbers for the January 19, 2022 drawing were 61-55-43-15-11 and the red Powerball number was 10. The Power Play multiplier for the particular draw was 3X.

Nancy Linn successfully matched the numbers 55, 43, 15, 11, and 10 to win the tier-3 prize money for the US Powerball prize money. The initial prize money Nancy Linn had won was $50,000. Fortunately, Nancy had paid an extra dollar to add the Power Play option to the ticket.

Adding the Power Play option worked out in Nancy’s favor and she ended up tripling the prize money to $150,000. This is something very special for Nancy that she is eagerly waiting to share with her children. Nancy told the officials she has not shared the exciting news with anyone in her family.

Nancy told the officials that she is going to use the money to take her friends out to Las Vegas and have a wonderful time. She revealed that she will be taking 3 of her childhood friends that have been with her through thick and thin.

Nancy told the lottery officials she had purchased her $150,000 prize-winning ticket from Han-Dee Hugo. The particular store is located on Statesville Boulevard, Salisbury. After-tax deductions, Nancy took home prize money worth $106,516.

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