Norma Farr from Newport News wins $1 million playing Mega Millions


The officials from the Mega Millions lottery game are here to share a phenomenal winning story of a lucky woman. The lottery officials at Mega Millions have revealed that the name of the winner is Norma Farr.

The team has revealed that Norma Farr is a resident of Newport News. Norma reportedly won prize money worth $1,000,000 playing Mega Millions.

Norma Farr revealed that she was never into lottery games and playing Mega Millions was completely unplanned for her. However, she ended up purchasing a ticket for the game and then won a million dollars.

Norma Farr revealed that she had purchased her lucky ticket for the Mega Millions draw that was held back on August 20, 2021. Farr revealed that one night, she was out with her colleagues and out of fun, all of them decided to purchase tickets for the Mega Millions game.

Farr stated that they were unable to find a Mega Millions retailer so they decided to purchase the tickets online. Therefore, they purchased the tickets through the online portal provided by the Virginia State lottery.

Although her friends purchased several tickets for the game, she only went with one. Surprisingly, she was the only one who had the computer choose the numbers randomly. Farr had reportedly selected the Easy Pick option, letting the computer choose the numbers for her.

The lucky numbers drawn by the operator were 70-57-43-51-41 and the Mega Ball number was 1. Surprisingly, Farr’s ticket matched all five primary numbers but missed out on the Mega Ball number. It landed a $1 million prize for her.

Farr revealed that she is a rocket scientist at NASA and she wasn’t aware of her prize money. Until she was done with her research and was able to check what she was missing and had to catch up to.

This is when she came to know she had won prize money worth $1,000,000 playing the game. The player revealed that she is going to use the money to get some material for the personal research she has been conducting.

Mega Millions is arguably one of the largest lottery games in the entire world. No matter the region or country, if people play lottery games, they would definitely know about Mega Millions.

The game is extremely popular all over the world but only people from the United States are able to play the game directly. However, online lottery agents have made it possible for players outside of the United States to be able to play the game.

The game has given out some of the largest lottery prizes that have even won over $1 billion worth of prizes for the game.

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