Offaly Player in ‘Disbelief’ after Winning EuroMillions Prize


The EuroMillions draw that took place on Friday, November 25th, 2022 saw a National Lottery player win a prize of €225,634.

The player from Co. Offaly said that they were still in ‘disbelief’ after the win.

The winner

The lucky punter chose to keep their identity hidden and said that they were still trying to accept the massive prize win.

On Monday, November 28th, the player came forward to claim the prize and stood in the Winners Room of the National Lottery.

The lucky player disclosed that they had been so involved in the World Cup that they had not realized they had managed to win such a huge prize.

They explained that they were so focused on the World Cup that they forgot to check their ticket in the evening.

The player said that they remembered about the ticket after getting into bed and decided to go online and check it out.

The winner said that they could not put their feeling into words, as they experienced excitement, disbelief and shock, all at the same time.

They said that they had gone over the numbers about four to five times before telling their partner the news.

The player had bought the winning ticket in Moneygall, Co. Offaly in Spar, Obama Plaza on November 21st, Monday.

The punter said that they had been so concerned about the winning ticket that they had put it in bubble wrap and then hid it under the bed.

Their partner joked that the winner was taking more care of the ticket than they had of them.

Winning locations

Apart from this win, the National Lottery also disclosed the winning locations of the ‘Ireland Only Raffle, which was part of the EuroMillions lottery draw on November 25th, Friday.

The draw saw ten players in Ireland will a prize of €50,000 each. There were three players in Dublin who scooped up the prize.

The remaining winners were from Waterford, Cork, Meath, Kildare, Monaghan, Laois and Cavan.

The raffle

The raffle is part of the ’12 Draws of Christmas’ that the National Lottery has introduced as a promotion and it was the fourth draw of the total 12.

It means that with every EuroMillions lottery draw that is held between November 15th and December 23rd, on every Tuesday and Friday, ten players in Ireland will win €50,000 each.

The fifth draw is now scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 29th, which will see ten more players take home €50,000.

Not only will the players get the chance to win €50,000, but all players in Ireland participating in the EuroMillions draw might also become the second EuroMillions jackpot winner from Ireland this year.

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