Scratch Ticket Lottery Lets Round Rock Resident Win a Million Dollars


A lucky man who is a resident of Round Rock ends up winning Million Dollar yesterday.

As per the news sources, it is confirmed that a man acclaimed the top prize of US$ 1 Million through a scratch card game win. The lottery namely Million Dollar Loteria is overwhelmingly popular in the US State of Texas. It was informed that the lottery ticket was purchased from a mini-market located on the Mansor Road of Austin. The news also suggested that the winner had indicated that his name should not be disclosed.

There are a total of 6 top prizes in this lottery. However, earlier three top prizes have been acclaimed by different individuals but this was the fourth top prize win. Million Dollar Loteria is comprised of at least US$ 181 Million. What makes this lottery more intriguing is that the chance of winning is 1 in every 3.27.

Million Dollar Loteria was launched way back in the year 1992. This popular lottery is also a fair contributor of the US economy. Since the day of its inception, it has brought over US$ 31 billion in the form of revenues and collectively disbursed US$ 67 billion amongst US citizens. It is engaged in several charitable works. For instance, the Lottery has provided funds over US$ 26 billion for Foundation School Fund in Texas.

The Lottery also enjoys the privilege of being first to provide financial support to the Veterans of Texas. In 2009 an initiative was undertaken by Million Dollar Loteria through which US$144 Million was raised to support veterans.

For those who want more than a lottery, Million Dollar Loteria is perfectly suitable for them. It is not just any lottery – it provides players of lottery to engage in other entertaining games as well. Some of the notable and popular games launched by it are Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas.

Apart from the above games, the other honorable mentions are All or Nothing, Pick 3, Cash Five, and Texas Two-Step.

Any details required regarding the lottery are contained on its official Facebook page, Twitter, and other accounts. So if anyone wants to get his hands on Million Dollar Lottery and wants to try his luck, he visits their website.

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