Several Tickets Sold for New York Lottery Win $103,722 in Total


You will be surprised to know that at present, a total of 45 states in the United States of America are offering state-backed lottery games. New York Lottery is also among the list of 45 state-backed lottery games.

It is one of the top state-backed lottery games offered in the United States. Just like other states in the United States have their own most favorite and most played lottery games, New York has its own most popular game.

The name of the most popular game offered by the New York Lottery “Take 5”, which belongs to the lottery draw category. The game is so popular that the draw for this particular game is held every day. This means that every day, the players have the opportunity of winning prize monies playing the New York Lottery.

This time, the New York Lottery is here to share the exciting wins of five different tickets sold in different areas of New York State. Therefore, the lottery officials are excited to share the details of the particular tickets as the winners of these prizes are yet to make an appearance.

The most astonishing thing about these five tickets is that all of the tickets have won top prizes for their respective draws.

The first three tickets are from the same draw for “Take 5” which was held back on Sunday, July 11, 2021.

The first out of the three tickets was sold from the 7-Eleven Store Number 25986B. The particular store is located at 471 McLean Avenue, Yonkers.

The second out of the three tickets was sold from the Wegmans Store. The particular store is located at 525 Titus Avenue, Rochester.

The third (last) ticket was sold from the KNY Cigar INC Shop. The particular shop is located at 702 Dogwood Avenue, Franklin Square.

All three lucky tickets have managed to win $16,889, which was the top prize money claimed by the tickets. Initially, the top prize money was $50,667 but as there were three players with the top prize-winning tickets, the prize money was equally split.

Then the latter (two) tickets were for the “Take 5” draw that was held back on Monday, July 5, 2021.

The first ticket out of the two was sold from 1522 Cortelyou Mart. The particular mart is located at 1522 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn.

The second (last) ticket was sold from Tops Markets. The particular market number 525 is located at 710 South Meadow Street, Ithaca.

Similar to the first three tickets, the top prize money for the particular draw was $53,035 but as there were two lucky tickets, the prize money was split among the two.

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