Six Neighbors in Buckwell, Wellington Win People’s Postcode Lottery


Hailing from Buckwell, Wellington, six neighbors had their dreams come true when they discovered that each of them had won a whopping £30,000, thanks to their postcode. The lucky players of the People’s Postcode lottery netted the prize after their postcode TA21 8TE was declared as the street prize winner. Lorna, a former professional dancer, was in for a huge surprise when Matt Johnson, a presenter from Street Prize, knocked on her door. 

Upon hearing how much she had won, Lorna was shocked and said it was a life-changing win for her. She couldn’t believe it was real and said that even £50 would have been a lot of fun, but this was beyond imagination. She disclosed that even though she had performed in front of thousands of people, she had never felt as nervous and excited as she did upon hearing the news. Lorna said that she hadn’t won anything in her life and was a pensioner, who was supporting her daughter, along with two grandchildren. 

She said that this would allow her to help her grandkids and her daughter, who is a single mother and is working at the hospital. Lorna said that her daughter would be elated, as her eldest daughter was 19 and going to university. She said this money would help with the books, fees, and other things. She said that the second granddaughter likes horse riding, so she would pay for the lessons and buy her the uniforms. She added that she would be spending a bit on herself as well because she had spent her entire life helping the kids and not doing anything for herself, so she would also give herself a treat. 

Lorna stated that she wanted to go on a cruise, somewhere warm like the Caribbean. She said that she was fascinated by the fjords, but would go in the summer, or could go to the Greek Isles as well, as she had already been there before and loved them. She said that her granddaughter was studying archaeology and would accompany her because there is a lot of history to be explored there. 

Leslie and Linda were the next two winners, who won £30,000 each. Linda couldn’t stop laughing when she found out and Leslie said it was a life-changing win. The latter is a limo driver and she said she intended to bank her winnings and would go on a holiday with Linda for a week or a month. Linda also said that she would take her time and think about what she was going to do. She said that she could go on an adventure, or do something good and fun like that. 

According to Leslie, she has been to Mauritius, which is lovely, and Linda wants to go there. While handing out the prize envelopes to the winners, Matt Johnson said that meeting Linda, Leslie and Lorna was a pleasure, as was giving them their prizes. He said that the winners had good plans for their prizes and hoped they would enjoy spending their cash. 

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