Surprising Results for Powerball Draw for 31st October – Nobody Hit The Jackpot of $ 127 M


The US’s famous lotto’s draw took place on October 31 (Saturday). Three individuals bagged US$ 1 Million each. Surprisingly nobody hit the jackpot which was of US$ 127 Million.

As confirmed from the news, a lucky draw of a famous lottery of US’s took place last Saturday. The results for the US’s Powerball were 2, 6, 40, 42, 55 for (white). In addition, the numbers required to be matched for Red Powerball Power were 24 and for Power Play it was 3.

The Powerball’s jackpot for October 31st was for US$ 127 Million. This was one of the best rewards offering by the famous lotto. However, the results came out very upsetting in terms of the jackpot.

The good news was that at least three individuals came out as successful winners. These individuals were able to bag out prizes of US$ 1 Million each. What was most surprising was that nobody was lucky enough to claim the jackpot.

As per the rules of the games, the amount of jackpot will now be increased for the next draw. The new jackpot amount will be US$ 137 Million. The next draw of Powerball is due to take place on November 4 which is Wednesday. Apparently, the cash option for the next draw will be about US$ 106.6 Million.

Out of the 31st October’s draw, only three persons were able to match the exclusive numbers in the white category.

Later on, it was told that all three winning tickets were sold in three different states of the USA. One was sold in Arizona, one was in Massachusetts and the third and last one was sold in Pennsylvania.

It was also told that the lucky winner from Massachusetts had also played for the Power Play. He had the chance of doubling his prize money but he could not match the Power Play number.

In the meanwhile, another person from the state of Michigan also claimed a prize of US$ 300. Since the start of the Powerball lottery, this is by far the highest prize claimed by a person from Michigan.

Officials of the lottery also informed that at least 548,654 tickets were winning tickets which offered US$ 4 rewards to winners. In Michigan alone, at least 16,482 tickets offered US$ 4 rewards each to ticket holders.

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