The Lott Helps a Woman Win $100,000 from Instant Scratch-Its


The Lott officials have yet another announcement to make around the woman that has found herself to be the luckiest in Australia. According to the officials, the woman is a resident from Arana Hills, who is a single mother and was very excited about winning the prize.

The officials stated that the winner is a regular player of the games that are powered by The Lott. They have also congratulated the player for her fortunate win and wished her the best of luck for her future.

The lottery officials also got to know the story of the player when they called her to inform them about the win.

The player informed that she had been in the Instant Scratch-Its game for a very long time to try her luck. However, she had never managed to win any prize but she still continued playing with hopes that someday, she would end up winning a prize.

However, the pandemic then hit the entire world and things started getting bad. The player stated that she is a single mother and her financial condition had started turning bad due to the pandemic.

As a result of the pandemic, there were several lockdowns and curfews placed in Australia. These curfews resulted in many people from around the world losing their jobs.

As the threat of the pandemic still roams around, the countries and companies from around the world are still not able to operate at the full potential. The winner of the $100,000 was also one of the employees who had her working hours cut-short due to pandemics and the lockdowns.

She informed that she also had her hours cut short as the employer had taken a huge impact on their business. Therefore, things had become really bad for her and her children, and she had to resort to her savings in order to make ends meet.

The winner informed that she and her family were facing a really hard time and prayed for a miracle to happen. Therefore, the win is now less than a blessing for her and her children.

The player informed the officials that she thought she was dreaming when the operator told her about the win. Although she could not believe her ears at first she finally trusted the voice on the other side and burst into tears as soon as she realized the win.

The winner stated that she considers herself as the luckiest in the entire world to have been blessed with a chance to start her life again with joy and happiness.

According to the player, she plans on getting her house renovated and paying off the bills that have been lingering on for a while.

The player had purchased the ticket from News Extra Arana Hills, which is located at Shop 13B, Kmart Plaza, Patricks Road.

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