Three Different Players to Share €103,741 Prize from the Lotto Cash


The National Lottery is back again with a huge announcement surrounding one of its most popular and widely played lottery games. It is almost a miracle that a prize will be shared not among two but three players from different cities. These players are the luckiest to have selected the same numbers that led to them winning a huge prize.

The National Lottery has revealed that the players decided to opt for the Lotto game that is powered by the National Lottery itself. The officials have confirmed that the winners of the Lotto game belong to different areas that are Roscommon, Limerick, and Kerry.

The draw for the particular Lotto game was held by the National Lottery on Saturday, February 13, 2021. The numbers that were drawn from the particular draw were 35, 38, 30, 11, 12 and the bonus ball that drawn for the particular draw was: 36.

From the results, the tickets for all three players managed to match 5 lucky numbers plus the bonus ball to win the top prize of €103,741. However, as there were three lucky winners from the game, the prize money will be split among the three players.

Therefore, all three players will be receiving €34580.33 each for the particular lotto game prize win. Unfortunately, none of the players for the particular Lotto game managed to match all the numbers plus the bonus ball.

If someone had managed to match all the numbers plus the bonus ball, they would have received total prize money of €3.7 million. As the prize money remained unclaimed, it will now roll-over to the next draw but the amount has now increased to €4.0 million.

The lottery officials have revealed that all three players had purchased their lucky tickets from different stores and through different mediums. The player winning the game from Roscommon had purchased the ticket from Mitchell’s Supermarket. The Mitchell’s Supermarket is located in Frenchpark (North Co.). The player had decided to go for the Quick Pick while choosing the ticket.

The player from Limerick had purchased the ticket online through the and they had also gone for the Quick Pick.

The player winner of the prize was Kerry had purchased the ticket from Spar. The store is located at Rathass in Tralee. The player had also gone for the Quick Pick option for the Lotto game.

The National Lottery has revealed that the winners of all three prizes are yet to make their appearance. Therefore, the lottery officials have requested all the players from these three areas to check their tickets and they can be the lucky winners.

If you are the lucky winner then you can sign the back of the ticket and call the National Lottery’s dedicated line for prize claims at 1800-666-222 to set up an appointment.

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