Timothy Torgersen from Iron Mountain has won $100,000 Playing US Powerball


The US Powerball lottery officials are here with an announcement of a single lottery prize winner. You may be wondering why US Powerball is only announcing the winning of a single player. Well, the officials have decided they will give extra protocol to the lucky winner. This is because who has won a fortune after playing the US Powerball for a very long time.

The officials have decided to honor the player because of his dedication to the lottery game. It is because of such players that the US Powerball has become a success not only in the United States but the entire world.

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The lottery has been gaining huge adoption around the world and it is currently the largest lottery game in the entire world. The game has been played on a large scale but it also had a beginning. If it weren’t for people like the winner being honored by the US Powerball officials, the US Powerball would’ve been a small lottery.

Timothy Torgersen is the New $100,000 Winner

The winner being honored by the US Powerball officials is Timothy Torgersen who is a resident of Iron Mountain. Timothy told the officials that he had been blessed with the opportunity of playing the US Powerball and winning huge prize money.

The recent lottery draw Timothy Torgersen participated in was on April 2, 2022. The particular draw had the jackpot prize money of $223 million and the winning numbers for the game were 59-58-47-28-6. The Powerball number for April 2 draw was 18 and the Power Play multiplier was 2X. The cash prize money for the jackpot prize was reported as $142.4 million.

From the April 2 draw, Timothy matched the tier-3 criteria, winning him prize money worth $100,000. Primarily, Timothy would have won $50,000 but his Power Play resulted in doubling the prize money he had won, thus, winning him $100,000.

Timothy revealed to the officials he had purchased his ticket from the online portal of the Michigan lottery.

The story behind Timothy’s Win

Timothy Torgersen started participating in the US Powerball lottery games back in the year 2000. It has been over two decades since he started participating in the US Powerball lottery. According to Timothy, the only goal he had was to win the jackpot prize money one day.

He revealed that he was inspired by the game in a very unusual way. Before participating in the US Powerball, he revealed he used to be very careless and irresponsible with his work.

However, when the ambition of winning the jackpot was born, he started working very hard so he could always purchase tickets for the US Powerball.

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He kept making a lot of money just to buy as many tickets for the US Powerball as possible. Finally, he was able to win the tier 3 prize money. For Timothy, it is just the beginning of his luck becoming luckier. He will continue playing US Powerball until he becomes a millionaire.

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