Two Cash4Life Players Win $1,000 A Week For Life


If you thought Cash4Life was done with making announcements about their winners, then you are in for a surprise. The officials are back with a huge announcement surrounding two winners who have won the tier-2 prize each playing the Cash4Life game.

The Cash4Life officials are excited to reveal that both players participated in two different draws. However, they were lucky enough to have won the same tiered prize money playing the Cash4Life game.

Let us go through the winning details of these winners to see which draw they took part in and where they purchased their tickets from.

Harry Rye from Forest Hills

The first winner the officials have talked about is Harry Rye who is a resident of Forest Hills, Queens. The player had participated in the October 6, 2021 draw for the Cash4Life game.

The primary numbers for the October 6 Cash4Life draw were 31-28-14-10-02 and Cash Ball was 03. From the draw, Harry Rye’s ticket successfully matched all primary numbers, earning him prize money of $1,000 A Week for Life.

The particular tier ($1,000 A Week for Life) guarantees minimum prize money of $1,000,000 on an annuity basis. However, the cash prize for the same tier for a one-time lump sum was $612,240, after-tax deductions. Harry decided to go for the tier-2 prize money and took home the latter prize money.

Harry Rye confirmed he had purchased his tier-2 prize-winning ticket from Craft Beer & Smoke. The particular store can be located at 110-84A Queens Boulevard, Forest Hills.

Marc Stenson from West Babylon

The second winner is Marc Stenson who is a resident of West Babylon, Suffolk County. Stenson participated in the December 25, 2021 draw for the Cash4Life game.

The primary numbers for the December 25 drawing were 38-33-16-09-08 and the Cash Ball for the same draw was 01. From the December 25 draw, Stenson’s ticket successfully matched all the primaries, winning him prize money of $1,000 A Week for Life.

The tier translates to a minimum payout of $1,000,000 if it was collected on an annual basis. Otherwise, Marc Stenson could go for the one-time lump sum prize money of $651,000. He would receive the prize money after the tax deductions.

Stenson decided to go for the usual (2nd) option and took home prize money worth $651,000. Stenson told the officials that he was really excited and could not wait to tell his family about the prize money. He will use the money to buy a new house and move to a better location.

Stenson had purchased his prize-winning ticket for December 25, 2021, from 7-Eleven. The particular store is located at 675 Sunrise Highway, West Babylon.

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