Two Lucky Friends Get to Share $797,000 “The Lott” Prize


The Lott is here to induct two friends that have won a very high prize. The Lott is one of the top Australian lottery games and has been growing bigger with every passing draw. The lottery officials are very excited to announce that the players have won more than half a million dollars.

The friends winning the lottery prize are from Hadfield, Victoria and they are about to fulfill their dreams and desire. They will now have the best time of their lives and would be able to play “The Lott” on a whole new level.

The officials have revealed that both friends have been playing the lottery for a very long time. It was more than a decade ago when they decided to play “The Lott” using a specific set of numbers. They continued with the numbers hoping that someday, they would be able to win a huge prize with them.

Finally, the moment arrived when they could cherish the moment and emerge victorious playing the lottery game. The officials have revealed that the draw for the particular tickets both friends had purchased had taken place on Saturday, August 14, 2021.

According to the players, they purchased tickets with other numbers as well but they always purchased extra tickets with the numbers they had committed themselves to.

Finally, it was the moment for them when the draw took place and they won $797,000 playing the lottery game. Surprisingly, the numbers they had chosen were the ones that won them the prize money

The Lott officials have announced that the lucky players won 1 out of the 8 division one prizes that the particular lottery had allocated for the draw. In actual figures, both friends together won $797,532.27, where each would get their hands on $398,766.14.

Technically, both friends had formed a syndicate in order to play “The Lott”. Their combined efforts have turned fruitful, coming in the form of huge prize money.

The players will now have a wonderful story to share with their families and friends. It is one of the finest experiences that friends have felt in their lifetimes. They will be living their lives the way they wanted to and the money they have won would go a long way for them.

The players stated that now they will have a lot more fun in their lives as they have a lot of money on their hands. They will be investing the money so they can make more money on it and enjoy their lives forever.

The players were regularly purchasing the tickets for the Lott from the Hadfield Newsagency. It is located at 120 West StreetHadfield.

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