Two Lucky Players win $250,000 Playing Jackpot Fortune and Lucky Lion Crossword


The lottery officials for the scratchers are here with two unique announcements. Once again, the scratch-off game operators have taken the lead by making announcements of two lucky winners. As compared to the scratch-off game operators, the lottery draw operators only have a single winning announcement at a time.

The scratch-off games have really high reputations among the lottery communities all over the world for their way of playing. These games are really convenient for the majority of the lottery communities who are not too patient about finding out whether they have won anything or not.

This time, two different scratch-off gaming operators have shared the stories of their lucky winners. The first scratch-off game is Jackpot Fortune while the second game is Lucky Lion Crossword.

Both are extremely popular scratch-off games being offered to the lottery community in the entire United States of America. Even the prizes offered by these games are phenomenal, as they pay big bucks to the winners in the form of rewards.

The officials for Jackpot Fortune have revealed that the name of their lucky winner is Aaron Smith. As for the Lucky Lion Crossword game, the name of the winner is Debra Jones.

Aaron Smith has successfully won prize money worth $150,000 playing the Jackpot Fortune game while Debra Jones has won $100,000 playing the Lucky Lion Crossword game.

The Jackpot Fortune officials have revealed that Aaron Smith is a resident from Sumner who purchased his ticket from Fred Myer #665 store. The officials have revealed that the store is located at 1201 Valley Avenue East, Sumner.

Aaron Smith revealed that it was the first time he had participated in any scratch-off game and it turned out to be lucky for him. Smith revealed that he occasionally participated in the lottery draw games such as the US Powerball or Cash4Life. However, he never followed or participated in the lottery games with regularity.

This time, he had visited the store to do some shopping, and there, he was left with some cash so he decided to go ahead and try his luck. Lucky for him, scratching the ticket proved fortunate for him and he won $150,000 playing the game.

The Lucky Lion Crossword officials have revealed that Debra Jones is a resident from Stanwood who purchased her ticket from Lake Goodwin Store. The particular store can be found at 4726 Lakewood Road, Stanwood.

Debra revealed to the officials that she had been playing the game with her mother but she stopped after her mother’s demise. However, she decided to play the game again on her mother’s birthday, and it turned out to be a $100,000 win for her.

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