Two Players from Washington Win $50,000 Each from US Powerball


The US Powerball is back with two lucky winners from the latest Powerball draws and with two exciting winning stories. Once again, the US Powerball is back with a lot of joy and entertainment for the entire lottery community.

This time, they have two players turning into winners that have exciting winning stories to share and also talk about their playing experience.

The first winning story is about Zyah Alam who is currently a resident of Seattle. Alam is 29-years-old and is now ready to propose to his girlfriend and get married to her in the year 2022.

Zyah Alam participated in the February 7, 2022 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers for the February 7 US Powerball draw were 65-47-38-15-05 and the red Powerball number was 10. The Power Play multiplier for the February 7 US Powerball draw was 3X.

Zyah Alam had purchased his ticket from Quality Food Centers/QFC #891. The particular store is located at 5700 24th Avenue Northwest, Seattle. While purchasing the ticket, Alam went for the Quick Pick option and didn’t select the Power Play option.

Surprisingly, Zyah Alam matched 4 primary numbers and the red Powerball to win $50,000 from the February 7 US Powerball draw. If Zyah had added the Power Play option, he could have won $150,000 from the same prize money.

Zyah Alam informed the lottery officials that he had never participated in any lottery game, and he had no plans of doing it whatsoever. However, it was a bet between him and his friend that ended up getting both of them into US Powerball.

Alam revealed that he and his friend are really close and they share everything with each other. Both of them know about one another’s love life and their girlfriends. However, both of them were insistent on the other one proposing to their girlfriend first and getting married.

Therefore, they decided to place a bet on the decision, and let the US Powerball be the judge of it. They decided that whoever wins a prize from the US Powerball first, has to get propose to his girlfriend and get married first.

This is the reason why they got into the US Powerball, and he ended up winning big from the lottery draw. Zyah Alam humorously said that he is glad that he got the blessing from the US Powerball game in the form of $50,000.

As for the other ticket, it was Rodolfo Arthur who purchased his ticket from Safeway Store #1437. The store is located at 1302 South 38th Street, Tacoma. Arthur participated in the February 9, 2022 draw for the US Powerball game, and he also won $50,000 from the draw.

The player revealed that he and his wife had decided that they would go to Las Vegas and get married again if they win huge prize money from the US Powerball. Turns out, the couple is all set to drive up and get remarried in Las Vegas.

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