US Powerball Players from Allegheny County and Somerset County win $200,000 in Total


The US Powerball team is here to enlighten the entire lottery community about a couple of lucky winners. The US Powerball officials have announced that they have two lucky winners to talk about. Both players have won huge prizes playing the US Powerball and they have their winning stories to share with everyone.

Both players participated in different lottery draws for the US Powerball and they have won $100,000 each playing the game. The players have reportedly won tier-3 prizes for the US Powerball game, but they managed to double them.

According to the lottery officials, the first player is Jeremy Myers who is from Allegheny County. The player is now on the list of players that have won $100,000 playing the US Powerball in Allegheny County.

There are several players from Allegheny County that have won huge prizes and especially, $100,000 prizes playing the US Powerball. This time, it is Jeremy Myers that has honored the entire lottery community from Allegheny County with his contribution.

Jeremy Myers had participated in the January 3, 2022 draw for the US Powerball game. The winning numbers that the lottery officials drew for the particular draw were 48-33-32-13-2 and the red Powerball number is 22. The Power Play multiplier for the January 3, 2022 draw for the US Powerball game was 2X. Jeremy Myers ended up matching four out of the five primary numbers from the particular draw to win prize money worth $100,000.

Originally, Jeremy Myers had won the $50,000 prize money from tier-3, but the player ended up winning $100,000. This is because Jeremy Myers had the Power Play option added to his ticket, which resulted in doubling his prize money. Now, Jeremy Myers has prize money worth $100,000 to brag about and share with the rest of the lottery community.

Jeremy Myers had purchased his ticket from Dobaria LLC, which is located at 244 Provost Road, Pittsburgh. The officials have confirmed that the particular branch of Dobaria LLC has received a $500 bonus commission for selling the ticket.

The second player is David Osmond who is currently living in Somerset County. David had reportedly participated in the January 5, 2022 draw for the US Powerball.

The winning numbers that the lottery officials drew for the particular draw were 46-33-25-14-6 while the red Powerball number for the draw was 17. The Power Play multiplier that the officials drew for the January 5 draw was 2X.

David also ended up winning the $100,000 prize money from the particular draw. The player purchased his ticket from One Stop. The particular store is located at 1639 Pitt Street, Jennerstown. The particular One Stop branch is also entitled to a $500 bonus commission.

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