Virginia Nunez from Woodhaven wins $2,000,000 Playing New York Lottery


The New York lottery is literally on fire as it is bringing in some of the hottest announcements from the lottery sector. This time, the New York lottery is here bringing in a huge announcement of a player from Woodhaven.

The announcement is pertaining to the Woodhaven player being able to win huge prize money. The player suddenly had her life upgraded with the huge prize money she has won playing the New York lottery.

The player is Virginia Nunez who is currently a citizen from Woodhaven. The player recently had her life changed completely from participating in the New York Lotto draw.

Although the player had won her prize money for several months, it is now that the player decided to show up and collect her prize money. According to Virginia Nunez, she was waiting for the right time to make her move and fly away with her money.

Virginia Nunez revealed to the officials that she cried the day she realized that huge prize money had been won by her. She was filled with joy and wanted to share her joy with all of her family members, but she did not.

Virginia Nunez, now 48, revealed that she and her entire family has spent a hard and difficult life to this day. However, it is time to bring a huge change to that and live the rest of their lives with comfort and joy.

Nunez revealed that she is glad that she went against the opinion of her family members to participate in the lottery games. Now, she has proof that her going with the lottery games was the best decision she ever made in her entire life.

According to Nunez, she started participating in the New York lottery game 20-years ago and she has been a regular. Throughout the two decades, she has participated in different lottery games but it was the New York lottery that she settled on.

Nunez has reportedly won several small-sized prizes playing the New York lottery and this is the reason why she was adamant about continuing with the New York lottery. Finally, her dedication and loyalty to the New York lottery have paid off in the form of a $2 million prize money.

Yes, Nunez has won the jackpot prize money for the New York Lotto. She won the $2,000,000 prize money from the November 27, 2021 lottery draw for the New York Lotto.

Nunez could either receive her prize money in installments or a lump sum amount of $913,308, and she went for the latter. The winning numbers for the draw were 55-49-44-27-20-16 and the Bonus Number was 57. Nunez matched them all to win the jackpot prize money of $2,000,000 from the game.

The winning ticket for the draw was purchased from Hillside Greeting Cards, which is located at 4534 Broadway, Manhattan.

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