Winner Of $4.8 Million in The Lott’s ‘Set for Life’ Lottery Might Lose Big


Tatts’ Set for Life lottery winner who won a whooping AUS$4.8 million just has for weeks before the claim for the prize expires. The jackpot prize will slip away from the winner if they do not come forward in time.

The lucky winner had participated in the 21 January draw of The Lott’s Set for Life and since then hasn’t come forward. The Lott officials have no information whatsoever about the winner and they don’t even know if the winner is aware of the win.

As per the law in Victoria anyone who has won the lottery must claim it within six months, else they lose it. This means that the winner has just four weeks to get hold of their winning ticket and claim what is theirs. If the winner doesn’t claim their prize in time they will lose the chance to pocket a sum of $20,000 per month for the next twenty years.

According to the lottery officials, the winning ticket worth $4.8 million prizes was sold at Echuca Square Lotto.

The $4.8 million lottery prize is not the only prize that still remains unclaimed. Another lottery prize in South Australia too doesn’t have much time till its expiry. The winner still hasn’t claimed their prize worth $1 million which was won in a draw of X Lotto. It was a division one prize and the winner according to the law in South Australia had 12 months to claim it. Out of these 12 months, 11 months have already passed by and now the winner just has over a month to make the claim. They shall either make the claim within a month or risk losing a fortune worth $1 million.

This particular winning ticket was bought from newsXpress Naracoorte. The lottery officials are clueless with respect to the credentials of the winner since it was an unregistered ticket. It is always advisable to have the ticket registered. This doesn’t only make it easier for lottery officials to hunt the winners but also ensures that winners make their claims within time.

Looks like Australia has a lot of mystery winners and unclaimed lottery prizes. A whopping sum of $7.8 million still remains unclaimed across the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales. What is more surprising is that a winning ticket in Canberra alone is worth more than half of the $7.8 million. The winning ticket was purchased from the Thistle Kiosk in Woden a few months back. Another winning ticket purchased at Winston Hills Newsagency worth a $1.1 million prize too is yet to be claimed.

According to Lott’s spokesperson, they’ve even come across winners in the past who’ve made claims months and years after the draw. It is usually because they either forget about their ticket or they misplace it. It is, therefore, recommended that players register their tickets because then at least the officials have some information to contact the winners.

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