Massive Mega Millions Jackpot Rolls Over


The last Mega Millions draw was conducted on July 12th, Tuesday, which had a massive jackpot of $440 million. However, it did not have any winner, which means the jackpot has now rolled over. The winning numbers for Tuesday night’s draw were 4, 7, 10, 45, 64 and 12.

Jackpot rolls over

Since no one was able to match the winning numbers in Tuesday night’s draw, the jackpot has now rolled over to the draw on Friday, July 15th. The multi-state lottery’s jackpot on Friday will be valued at $480 million and it has not had a winner in about three months.

The last time the jackpot had gotten so big was back in 2021 in May when a single ticket was sold in Pennsylvania that won $516 million. Early last year, the Mega Millions lottery had also delivered its second jackpot valued at $1 billion. The jackpot for Friday is the 10th largest jackpot to that may be won in the history of the Mega Millions lottery.

Previous winners

So far, 2022 has seen a total of four winners of the grand prize in the Mega Millions lottery. The largest jackpot for this year so far had been won back in January in California and had been valued at $426 million.

The Mega Millions lottery is played in all states of the United States, with the exception of Nevada, Alabama, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii. The odds of a player matching all six numbers in the Mega Millions lottery are about 1 in 302 million. Even if a player matches just five of the numbers in the draw, they can walk away with a prize of $1 million. Friday night’s draw will be conducted at 11 p.m. ET.

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