$4.6 Million Powerball Prize Winner Does Not Know How to Spend It


After winning more than $4.6 million in the lottery, a man from Sydney has become a multimillionaire and is in ‘utter disbelief’.

Late ticket checking

The Powerball draw was conducted last Thursday i.e. 21st July and the man from Balmain had the only winning ticket in division one.

He said that he had not checked the ticket until Saturday morning because he was busy and when he did check it, he discovered that he had won $4,645,700.55.

The Sydney man said that he had checked his account on Friday morning, but had not paid taken a look at his Powerball entry.

He said that he had opened his account to buy a ticket for another draw and he had noticed the win on Saturday.

The winner said that he could not belief it at first and had to sit down for a couple of minutes because he thought he would faint from excitement.

No idea what to do

The man stated that he had not celebrated his winnings as yet because he had no idea what to do with the prize.

The only thing he could think of was getting a dog and taking his family for a vacation. He said that he was going to let the win sink in and take a couple of days to process it.

He said that he wanted to buy a family dog and wished to take his family overseas on a holiday, but could not think of anything else to do after it.

He had bought the Quick Pick entry online and the winning numbers for the draw for 09, 08, 25, 07, 26, 02 and 24.

There have been a total of 255 division one wins so far in the year and 68 of the winners have come from New South Wales.

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