Holder of $50 Million Oz Powerball Ticket cannot be Contacted


It seems that a lucky resident from New South Wales is holding a winning ticket of the Oz Powerball, but are not aware of it as yet.

The Oz Powerball lottery draw was conducted on Thursday night and the ticket holder who lives on the New South Wales mid-north coast somewhere landed a $50 million prize.

However, they have not responded to the phone calls from the lottery officials.

No answer

Matt Heart, the spokesperson for The Lott, said that they had contacted the new multimillionaire several times, but had not been able to get in touch with them.

He said that they had been prepared to confirm the winner of the division one prize of the Oz Powerball right after they got the results of the draw on Thursday, November 24th, 2022.

But, he said that each time he had called the ticket holder, the phone continued to ring and there was no answer.

He said that if anyone sees a bunch of missed calls on their phone, then they could be the winner they are trying to reach out to.

The winning entry

The NSW winner will take home the entire jackpot worth $50 million for the Oz Powerball lottery draw on Thursday, November 24th, 2022, as they are the only ones with the winning entry for the division one prize.

The winning ticket was bought on the NSW mid-north coast from an outlet of NSW Lotteries and it is registered to a player card.

Nonetheless, the winner needs to pick up their phone for confirming and claiming their win.

Mr. Hart said that anyone who bought a ticket from the NSW Lotteries outlet for the Powerball draw on Thursday on the mid-north coast could be a winner.

He said that any player who had not checked their ticket could be the division one winner they were searching for.

Therefore, he urged all Oz Powerball lottery players to take a look at their tickets as quickly as possible. He said that if the winner discovers their entry, they should get in touch with the Lott to start the prize claiming process.

More details

The winner would become the 19th division one winner in the Oz Powerball lottery this year. It also confirms the winning streak for NSW.

It would be the 11th of the 19 jackpot wins from the Australian state. As for the other winners, there has been one winner from Queensland and South Australia, two from Western Australia and four from Victoria.

Other than the jackpot winner, there were a total of 1,583,199 prizes that were won across the remaining divisions, making it a total of $29.29 million.

There were 26 winning entries for the division two prizes, which means everyone gets to take home $31,222.55.

The 19 Oz Powerball jackpot winners this year have collected a total sum of $664.39 million.

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