Man Claims Powerball Lottery Prize worth $1 Million


Hailing from Holt, Michigan, 43-year old Jamieson King won a prize in the Powerball lottery worth $1 million. Speaking to the Michigan lottery, the winner described the entire experience as ‘surreal’.

2021 draw

The lucky winner was able to match five numbers in the Powerball draw that was held on August 4th, 2021 that helped him win the $1 million prize. The numbers for the draw were 5, 21, 32, 36 and 58. King said that he had purchased his ticket in Lansing from a Quality Dairy at Dunckel Road.

He said that he had bought the Powerball ticket from Quality Dairy and was informed by a co-worker a few days later that they had sold a lottery ticket worth $1 million there. He checked his lottery ticket and found that he had managed to match the first couple of numbers. But, he did not check the remaining numbers until a few days later. He said that it was surreal to discover that he had won.

He recently claimed his prize by going to the Lottery headquarters and is planning to save his prize money.

The Powerball jackpot

The Saturday night’s draw of the Powerball lottery had a jackpot of $48 million and it did not have a winner. So, the prize has now rolled over for the next draw scheduled for Monday and is worth $56 million that comes with a cash option of $31.8 million.

There has not been a winner for the Powerball lottery jackpot since June 29th when a $365 million jackpot was claimed by a lucky player in Vermont. Saturday night’s jackpot did not have any winner for the $1 million prize either.

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