Powerball Jackpot Grows to $206 Million for Wednesday


The Powerball draw was conducted on Monday, September 12th, which had a jackpot worth $194 million and it boasted a cash value of $105.3 million.

Jackpot rolls over

The winning numbers for Monday night’s Powerball lottery draw were 06, 14, 16, 34 and 66, while 25 was the Powerball number. The Power Play number was 3X.

Unfortunately, there were no players who managed to match all the six numbers drawn to win the jackpot, which means that it will now roll over to the next draw.

The Powerball lottery jackpot for the drawing on Wednesday, September 14th has now climbed to $206 million and this will come with a cash value of $112.4 million.

No one has managed to win the grand prize since the Powerball drawing on Wednesday, August 3rd.

The jackpot for that draw had stood at $206.9 million and the winning ticket was bought in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

The odds of hitting the jackpot in the Powerball draw are about 292,201,388 to 1.

Other prizes

Even though there were no winners of the grand prize for the Powerball lottery on Monday, September 12th, there were other prizes that were paid out.

Two players were able to hit the Match 5, as they managed to match all the five numbers with the exception of the Powerball, allowing them to win $1 million each.

Had they chosen to play with the Power Play option, their winnings would have increased to $2 million each. The lucky players belonged to Texas and New York.

The total number of tickets sold for Monday night’s draw that won at least $4 were 293,847.

The Powerball draw is held on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and the prize of the ticket is $2 each. Players have to choose five numbers between 1 and 69 and a Powerball number between 1 and 26.

The Powerball lottery can be played in 44 states, along with Puerto Rico and Washington D.C and the US Virgin Islands.

In other news, the Mega Millions lottery draw is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13th and its jackpot has also climbed to $231 million with a cash value of $125.8 million.

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