Jackpot Alert – USA Powerball Lotto Grand Prize at $333,000,000

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USA Powerball Lottery Jackpot now at $333,000,000

Draw on 17.7.2016

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POWERBALL jackpot 3,000,000
POWERBALL jackpot $333,000,000

Things to know about playing the Powerball USA Online

Powerball is a jackpot game, and you can play and win it in nine different ways. With just an amount of $1, you can start the game and multiply the non-winning jackpot prizes by twice, thrice or four or five times the whole amount. The jackpot prizes start from $40 million, and the Power Play prize can go up to $2 million.

If you want to play Powerball online, you have to follow a few simple steps. From 1 to 10, you have to choose the tickets you want to buy. You can select your own numbers or take help from Quick Pick. As a third step, you can add Power Play for just $1. This helps to multiply the non-jackpot winnings. In order to extend the play, you need to choose the number of drawings. For this you have to sign up for a subscription.

The whole objective of Powerball is to pick 6 numbers and the numbers should match the numbers that you have picked. By doing a ‘quick pick’, the lottery machine will randomly select a set of numbers. Those who are cautious, take help of quick pick, rather than picking the numbers themselves. When you play Powerball, you need to select either Jackpot Annuity or Cash Option. In case of Cash Option, you can simply receive a portion of the present Cash value. This is a big amount which you can receive at one go. With Jackpot Annuity, the amount will be payable in 30 instalments.

Most drawings are done either on Wednesday or a Saturday. Tickets can be purchased before the drawing is organized. With most Powerball tickets, you can also add the option of Power play by paying $1 for each ticket. For online games, you just need to select the Power Play option to avail the opportunities associated with Power Play. You will automatically get the option of playing Power play for different play boards on the play slips.

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