Meath Player Comes forward to Claim €4 Million Prize


On Thursday, a man hailing from County Meath came forward to claim his Irish Lotto winnings of about €4 million and was celebrating his winnings.

The lucky punter had landed the top prize that was worth a massive €3,987,540 in the Irish Lotto draw that was conducted on Saturday, March 18th, 2023.

The winner

The local player from Meath had bought the Quick Pick winning ticket in Duleek Village from Bowe’s EuroSpar and he had done so on the day the draw took place.

The single ticketholder opted to not reveal his identity and said that he was still in a state of shock after scooping up such a staggering prize.

He said that even though it had been a week since he had learnt about his prize, but he was still finding it difficult to accept it.

He went on to say that he had spent the entire week double checking and triple checking the winning ticket to make sure it was not a mistake.

However, on Thursday, it was finally confirmed that he had truly won because he received the cheque. He stated that when he saw all the numbers on the cheque, he had almost keeled over.

The plans

The winner added that it was a surreal feeling to realize he had won. As far as his plans for the prize are concerned, he said that he intended to share some of the winnings with his family and friends.

He also added that he intended to use some of the winnings to take a trip somewhere. The winner said that he wanted to spread the joy amongst his friends and family.

He revealed that he had already given some money to his friends for helping them change their lives a bit and he was working on dividing the remaining prize amongst his family as well.

Furthermore, the lucky winner said that he could not wait to get on a plane and go for a long holiday in the next couple of months under the sun, which would help the win sink in.

Other details

In the last six months, this is the second grand prize win in the Irish Lotto jackpot to have occurred in the Duleek village.

A family syndicate from Meath had managed to win a staggering prize of €8.9 million back in October and the lucky ticket had been bought from a neighboring store.

The winner from Meath has now become the 11th lottery millionaire from Ireland so far in 2023. Meanwhile, the latest Irish Lotto drawing that took place on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 did not have a jackpot winner.

The grand prize worth €2,746,970 has gone unclaimed in Wednesday night’s drawing and will roll over to Saturday night’s drawing.

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