Woman Claims to have Won £70 Million in the EuroMillions Lottery


According to a mum, she landed a prize of £70 million in the EuroMillions, but has opted to not disclose it to her family as yet.

Elle Bell explained the story of her big win in a video she posted on social media and shared plans of what she intends to do with her prize.

The claims

She said that she would first purchase a home of her own in order to stop paying rent. Posted on January 13th, the video had a total of 55,400 views.

However, according to Elle, she has not shared the big news with anyone close to her. She also said that the most surprising thing about her win was that she could not transfer the money into her regular high street bank account.

She further revealed that finding a mortgage lender had been a problem because she still has to provide a work history, even though she has personal wealth.

The alleged winner appears to be from the Midlands and said that she had won the prize in the EuroMillions lottery.

The details

According to Elle, she had won the prize about a month earlier and had been trying to come up with a plan since then.

She said that things had changed after the win because she was now looking for a mortgage and did not need to rent anymore.

Elle said that things had been crazy because she thought she would tell her family, but instead, she had kept it a secret and had not been spending any money.

She also claimed that the National Lottery had informed her that a high street bank cannot be used and the winnings would have to be paid into a bank named Coutts & Co.

She stated that she had not gotten the big bulk of her prize because she cannot use her Monzo, or Barclays, or any other high street bank for that matter.

Her complaints

Elle asserted that she had had to contact a financial person for sorting out the matter. She said that she was being forced to rent even though she was a millionaire.

The mum claimed that she had been told that a work history is still needed to buy, even if you are a millionaire.

She also added that she was going to send her son to a private school and she wanted the prize to last for a couple of generations.

Therefore, she would settle for a second-hand Audi Q7 and also announced that she had changed her number so people couldn’t ask her any questions.

The clip had left TikTok viewers stunned and they congratulated her, with some warning her about her safety because she had shared her win online.

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