Lottery Jackpots: La Primitiva Record Jackpot Size Climbs Even Higher

La Primitiva is a lottery hosted in Spain and most Spanish residents play the game regularly in hopes of winning a large jackpot prize. Winning a large lotto grand prize sets you up for the rest of your life and surely makes all of your wildest dreams become a reality.

The current La Primitiva jackpot is a HUGE €97,000,000, this is the largest La Primitiva jackpot on record to this day. We have stopped counting the roll-overs because there have been so many! Draw after draw no grand prize winning ticket is found and we can be pretty certain that the statistics of a winning ticket coming up in this draw are extremely high!

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€97,000,000 La Primitiva Jackpot Prize

On Thursday the 8th of October 2015 (in about 2 days from now) the draw will take place in Spain and the newest record La Primitiva prize pool will be in your grasp. You too can join the fun and buy La Primitiva lottery tickets online through our website! The draw on Thursday might just make history – and you got to be in it to win it.

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