Couple Thought £1 Million EuroMillions Prize Email was a Scam


Hailing from Telford, Shropshire, a lucky couple managed to scoop a prize of £1 million in the EuroMillions lottery.

They first forgot to buy a ticket for the draw and then actually thought that their win was a scam and not real.

The circumstances

44 year old Ruth Giblin and 48 year old Rob were able to land the impressive windfall in the EuroMillions draw last month, as they matched one of the codes of the UK Millionaire Maker.

The ticket was bought on July 22nd, the day of the draw and Mrs. Giblin had almost forgotten to purchase it.

Her engineer husband reminded her to buy the ticket when she was leaving for karate.

The following day i.e. after the draw, the couple received a notification on the National Lottery App about their win.

However, the pair was skeptical about it and thought they were just being scammed. They then called up Camelot to get confirmation of the win and realized that they had become millionaires.

The reaction

They immediately burst into tears upon realizing that they had won. Mrs. Giblin disclosed that her husband had reminded her about buying the ticket, something he has to do every week.

She said that she had bought the ticket and forgotten about it before going to karate in the evening. She said that they got up early the next day for a swim and saw the email informing them of the good news.

Ruby said that opening the National Lottery app left them confused because it showed that they had just matched one number, yet they had managed to win £1 million.

A supervisor of a leisure center, Mrs. Giblin said that she thought it was a con, so they decided to call and confirm. She said that Camelot had not opened at that time, so they went for a swim.

She disclosed that her husband kept asking about what they would do if it was real and they began making plans, while trying not to get their hopes up.

They were stunned when Camelot confirmed their win and began to cry. They then shared the good news with their two kids and shared the news with Mrs. Giblin’s parents, on what was her father’s birthday.

Their plans

The couple has been married for 23 years and they intend to keep their jobs. However, they will share their win with their family.

They will build an extension onto the home of Mrs. Giblin’s parents. Plus, they have paid off their mortgage and will also go on a luxury holiday together.

They also have plans of getting a new kitchen and building their 13 year old daughter a summerhouse to use as an arts room. They will also buy their 16-year old son a gaming computer.

Mrs. Giblin said that the win was a boon for the entire family, especially her parents who have to look after her sister with additional needs. She also said that her husband has bought a car.

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