EuroMillions Jackpot Worth €36 Million Rolls Over


The EuroMillions lottery draw was scheduled for Tuesday, October 4th and had a jackpot of about €36 million. This was the 1,567th EuroMillions draw ever conducted.

No jackpot winners

The winning numbers that were drawn on Tuesday night in the EuroMillions draw were 03, 18, 28, 42 and 43, while 03 and 12 were the Lucky Star numbers.

The UK millionaire maker code for the draw was XMNG12243. Unfortunately, there were no winners for the grand prize of €36,121,026, which means that it will now roll over to the next draw.

The next EuroMillions lottery draw is scheduled for Friday, October 7th and will have a jackpot of €48 million.

Other winners

While there may not have been any winners for the jackpot in Tuesday night’s EuroMillions draw, there were certainly other winners, albeit smaller ones.

There were a total of six players who were lucky enough to match the five main numbers in Tuesday’s draw, along with 1 Lucky Star numbers, but none of them belonged to the United Kingdom.

There were also eight players who were able to win €10,516.90 because they managed to match the five main numbers and one of them was from the UK.

Another lucky player was also able to bag the UK millionaire maker code, which means that they became a millionaire overnight.

The National Lottery urged all players of the EuroMillions lottery to check their tickets online via their website to see if they had won.

The EuroMillions lottery draw can be played every Tuesday and Friday across nine countries in Europe. The minimum guaranteed jackpot for every draw is about €17 million.

The prize can continue to roll over to reach €240 million, after which it is divided across the different prize tiers.

Of all the money that is spent on tickets, the National Lottery uses half of it for the prize fund, 12% goes to the UK government, and 28% is used for various good causes, 5% to the Camelot Group that operates the lottery and 5% to the retailers.

A number of good causes have received funding this way, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when times were very tough.

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