Lottery Players in Kildare and Mayo Win €1 Million in EuroMillions Draw


Two players from Kildare and Mayo were able to take home a prize of €1,000,000, thanks to their participation in the EuroMillions draw and some scratch card games.

Mayo Winner

The winner from Mayo walked away with €500,000 in the EuroMillions draw held on June 21st, Tuesday. The lottery player had bought their ticket at the Maxol Service Station located on Newport Road and had used the quick-pick system for the numbers.

The lucky player chose to stay anonymous and talked about how shocked they were to find out they had won half a million euros in the lottery. They said that it was a life-changing prize and they had been completely gobsmacked to find out they had won.

The winner said that they would use the money to pay off their mortgage and would also use it to help some of their family members. They also added that while the prize was great, they would continue working and living as normally as possible.

They also said that they would consider celebrating the win by taking a holiday and soaking up the sun.

Kildare Winner

The Kildare winner had spent €20 on a scratch card that earned them a prize of €500,000. The winner also wanted to keep their identity private and said that they had bought the All Cash Extravaganza card at Steve’s Daybreak, which is located on Main Street in Newbridge.

The winner already has plans for spending the prize money and said that she would share her fortune with her family.

Meanwhile, there is a great deal of excitement building up for the next EuroMillions draw scheduled for Friday, July 8th, as the jackpot has rolled over to reach a whopping €230 million.

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