Mega Millions Jackpot Grows after No Win on Tuesday


The Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday, July 5th had a jackpot worth $370 million and the cash option had been about $214.3 million. But, there were no winners for the massive prize on Tuesday, although there were some smaller wins.

No jackpot winners

The winning numbers for Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw 27, 31, 50, 51 and 61 and 21 was the gold Mega Ball. There was also a 4X Megaplier.

But, there were no winners for the grand prize in the said draw, which means that the next drawing scheduled for Friday, July 8th will now have a jackpot worth $400 million and this will have a cash option of $231.7 million. This makes it the third largest jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery to be offered in the month of July.

It has only been twice before that the jackpot has gone past the $400 million in July. Back in 2016, a lottery player from Indiana had come forward to claim the $536 million jackpot on July 8th. Two years later, a Californian player had managed to claim the grand prize of $543 million on July 24th.

Smaller prizes

While Tuesday’s drawing did not have any jackpot winner, there were smaller prizes that were paid out in the Mega Millions lottery. Two ticket-holders from California were able to win a prize of $1 million each, after matching five numbers. Had they opted to play it with the Megaplier, they would have gotten a prize of $4 million.

A total of 17 players in the Mega Millions draw were able to match four numbers, along with the Mega Ball, allowing them to win $10,000 each. There were also four players who matched the four numbers, along with the Mega Ball and the Megaplier, so their winnings were $40,000 each.

The other prizes from the draw were between the range of $2 and $2,000. Tuesday night’s draw saw a total of 733,478 ticket-holders win something.

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