Lucky Irish Lottery Player Scoops €500,000 Prize in EuroMillions Draw


The EuroMillions draw on Friday, July 8th, had a whopping jackpot worth €230 million. However, there were no winners of the grand prize and the jackpot is now going to rollover for the draw scheduled on Tuesday. But, this does not mean there were no other wins.

Irish player wins

It turns out that there was a lucky player in Ireland, who managed to land a prize of €500,000 in Friday night’s draw. The player was able to match all five numbers in the draw to win this prize. According to the bosses at the National Lottery, the winning ticket was a Quick Pick, which had been bought on the Swords Road in Dublin.

It was purchased from the Centra store, which is located next to the Bonnington Hotel. The ticket was purchased on July 7th, Thursday. All lottery players in Dublin have now been asked to check their tickets and sign the back if they are the one who have landed the prize. The numbers for Friday night’s draw were 2, 16, 18, 42 and 46.

Other winners

There were other winners in the draw as well. A total of 95 players were able to take home €2,000, as they matched four numbers in the draw. There was also one lucky EuroMillions player who managed to match four numbers, along with the two Lucky Star numbers, allowing them to take home €1,312.

Since there were no winners for the jackpot, it would now rollover for the one on Tuesday. This is the largest lottery prize that has been seen in Europe. It should be noted that this jackpot will now be capped and could stay at this sum for four draws. If it is still not won, the funds will then flow down to the other prize tiers in the draw.

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