National Lottery Responds to Teen who Missed out on EuroMillions Win


Back in February 2021, a teenage student missed out on her chance to win £182 million in a EuroMillions jackpot because her payment of the ticket did not go through. A student of Brighton University, Rachel Kennedy was able to match all seven of the numbers in the EuroMillions draw, but could not win the prize. Unfortunately, the business student did not have enough money in her bank account to pay the cost of the ticket, which was around £2.50.

The National Lottery Responds

Since 1994, Camelot is the organization that has been running the state-franchised lottery. This week, they sent a message of ‘good luck’ to Rachel Kennedy and her boyfriend Liam Crohan from Herfordshire for the upcoming draws of the EuroMillions lottery. A spokesman for the company said that they were familiar with her story and hoped she would buy her ticket early for the next draw.

The organization also wished her luck in the future draws before the Lotto jackpot worth £20 million was won. Rachel and her boyfriend had been playing their chosen number for about five weeks before the numbers were drawn in the EuroMillions draw on February 26th, 2021.

The Missed Opportunity

After the lottery draw, Rachel had checked her National Lottery account and she could see ‘winning match’. She had called her boyfriend and mother in her room and no one could believe it. She realized she had to call the National Lottery and she made the call, thinking that she had won £182 million. That is when she was informed that she had the right numbers, but her ticket payment did not happen because of lack of funds in her account.

She said that thinking she had won had felt great, but Liam was more upset than her when they found out she hadn’t. He said that he had already spent some of the money in his head and had pictured his dream car and house. He said he had gotten a bit carried away and discovering that they had not really bought the ticket left him heartbroken.

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