€148 Million – Biggest Lottery Jackpot in the World This Week is the Italian Superenalotto

€148 Million SuperEnalotto Jackpot, Thursday 29th September 2016
€148 Million SuperEnalotto Jackpot, Thursday 29th September 2016

One of the largest lotteries in the world, the Italian Superenalotto is currently at an estimated €148 million with the next scheduled draw on September 29th. Open to people from all over the globe, and being a rollover lottery, the chances of the jackpot winnings increasing are possible, as if there is no winning number, the lottery will get rolled over to the next draw, increasing in size, and going on indefinitely until a winning number ticket is drawn. This is one among the biggest national lotteries in the world and also one among the oldest lotteries in the world. There are more than $2 billion paid out as cash every year, with nearly $40 million paid out as cash every week. It is no wonder that people flock to the Italian Superenalotto in hopes of it changing their fortunes overnight!

The Italian Superenalotto tickets are available online. The unique factor of Italian Superenalotto is that the lottery revenue is put back into the prize fund itself, to the tune of nearly 70%, which makes it higher than almost any other lottery out there (which usually goes into the government coffers). Putting the lottery revenue so generously back into the pockets of the people makes this lottery much loved among people. This lottery has had a very long streak and continues to remain popular with people both in and outside of Italy.

With the Internet era, what was earlier a much coveted lottery within Italy alone has now expanded to the rest of the world, thus increasing the jackpot money and the likelihood of rollovers, which only further increases the jackpot! On 30th October 2010, a syndicate of 70 ticket holders across Italy won the largest SuperEnalotto prize to date – an astonishing €177.7 million. Each member received over €2.5 million!

Winning the Italian Superenalotto takes matching all the winning numbers to the ones on your ticket. For an extra €0.50 per line you can add SuperStar to your ticket, offering vastly increased payouts if matched alongside a winning combination in the main game. While this may seem incredibly challenging, beating the odds, this also makes the Italian Superenalotto worth playing. Even if the odds are low, if you do win, you will get much more than you could ever dream of, because of the frequent rollovers which result in the prize money swelling to €148 Million and climbing! With the ease of buying Italian Superenalotto tickets online and the cost effectiveness of the tickets, it is easy to see why people keep buying Italian Superenalotto tickets in hopes of changing their luck!

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